ECO Wheat – Straws BV in de Circular Awards top 20!

The Circular Awards, organised by Het Schakelhuis Nederland Circulair, is an initiative that searches for the most innovative projects, products and services of companies and governments that appeal to the imagination and show what a circular economy can mean for the Netherlands.

There are 3 categories within the Circular Awards; Public, Business and Heroes, which are assessed by 2 professional juries.

The top 20 best circular projects in the Netherlands were announced on 18 January 2021.

From more than 100 registrations, we can proudly say that ECO Wheat - Straws BV is one of the top 20 best circular projects in the Netherlands in the Business category! This recognition for our commitment to a circular economy motivates us to keep pushing ahead and achieve our sustainable goals.

Towards a plastic-free planet within one generation!

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