100% natural, super compostable, plastic-free straws that are stronger than paper straws. The Wheat Straws do not get soggy and are softer than plastic straws. With their natural structure, these straws feel soft and smooth while you drink.

ECO Wheat Straws also donates 2% of all purchases to The Ocean Cleanup. An amazing alternative with which you can give your drinks an environmentally friendly update! Another alternative to plastic straws that we can add to our list!

Wheat Straws - The sustainable alternative to plastic straws

PLA (polylactic acid or polylactide) and cane sugar cane need industrial installations to biodegrade. The Wheat Straws are simply broken down in nature. Ideal for festival grounds too. In addition, this straw is gluten-free, since they only use the stem of the plant without the seeds containing the gluten. Wheat - Straws are made from wheat, hay, and cane.

ECO Wheat - Straws & The Ocean Cleanup

According to Seas At Risk and The Plastic Soup Foundation: “Over time, plastic falls apart and all the water around us turns into a large soup full of microplasma. These particles end up in the marine food chain because plankton and other small animals confuse them with food. ”Although the size of the plastic straws is small, their impact is huge.

The owner of Wheat Straws has a passion for recreational diving and, because of the enormous amounts of plastic he has encountered worldwide, has started looking for biodegradable but affordable alternatives to plastic straws. Wheat Straws donates 2% of all purchases to The Ocean Cleanup via their Facebook page.

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