What makes wheat drinking straws sooooo natural and eco-friendly?


Our straws are made from the bottom of cereal plants so we often get the questions if they are gluten-free? Yes the are! Gluten are found in the seeds of cereal grains. As we only use the stalk of the plant with no seeds, our straws do not contain gluten so are save to use.


Residue free, Wheat drinking straws do not get soggy in liquid like cocktails, lemonades, juices and soft drinks like paper ones do.

100% biodegradable and sterilized without chemicals added.

Wheat Straws are fully grown in the nature. As they naturally develop a strong structure we do not need chemicals to make them stronger. After harvesting the straw straws, they are cut and cleaned. After sterilizing the straws are usable as drinking straw. In the whole process are no chemicals added.


As our Wheat Straws are 100% natural, they are compostable. They are made to end up in the environment because they serve as nutrients for our soil.


Our Wheat Straws are coming from farmers and producers with a BSCI certificate. This means that the working environments and wages are honest and according to international standards.