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Plant a Tree

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Plant a Tree for just 1,- EUR and give our environment some space in return.

Our seas absorbing 50% of the carbon dioxide we produce

Our forests absorbing 33% of the carbon dioxide only


If we go ahead with our daily usages of plastics and producing carbon dioxide through using coal and fossil energy the corals will be death in 2050

Carbon dioxide will keep remaining in the dome we causing ourselves and the temperature will increase up to 3 degrees by 2050

No corals - no marine life

This means indirectly that the agricultural sector will not be able to grow food anymore in 2050. Thereby we will not be able to eat fish because of the microplastics in our food chain

Choose your favourite continent to plant your tree and contribute extra


Press here for the global forest watch

Read more about our trees and deforestation!

What are wheat straws made of?

Eco wheat drinking straws are biodegradable and natural straws made of natural wheat stems. Every year there are tons of residual waste in the agricultural sector worldwide.

Usually after harvesting this waste will be burned. What we do is we collect this residual waste from farms worldwide and pay them a fair fee, cut the stems into the requested lengths and sterilize it in warm water afterwards.

This process ensures that we defeat bacteria. The extra benefit of this procedure is that the straws will not stick to your lips while enjoying your drink! 

We never add any kind of chemicals while sterilizing. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy a hot or cold drink, it’s made for almost any kind of drink. Your ice-tea or cocktail will taste delicious over and over again with our natural eco straw in your drink.

We don’t recommend to use the straw straws for smoothies or thick milkshakes. It is a natural product so we can’t influencing the diameter of the straw. Nature made them 3-7 mm thick. Still the narrow diameter is perfect for almost any kind of drink.

natural-straw-straws-wheat-drinking-straws- eco-wheat-straws-maastricht

   Free shipping in The Netherlands and Belgium. International shipping. Biodegradable Wheat Straws- eco friendly - sustainable

 Same day shipping. All orders before 15.00 are shipped the same day. Biodegradable/Eco Friendly/Sustainable/Wheat-Straws/Plasticfree  

Free shipping in NL and BE
International shipping from €5,99

Same day shipping.
All orders before 15.00 are shipped the same day.

Don't get soggy. Our straws will last for hours in liquid. Biodegradable/Eco Friendly/Sustainable/Wheat-Straws/Plasticfree
The Ocean Cleanup  2% of all purchases gets donated to the Ocean Cleanup. Biodegradable/Eco Friendly/Sustainable/Wheat-Straws/Plasticfree

Don't get soggy.
Our straws will last for hours in liquid.

The Ocean Cleanup
2% of all purchases gets donated to the Ocean Cleanup.



Our straws are made from the bottom of cereal plants so we often get the questions if they are gluten-free? Yes the are! Gluten are found in the seeds of cereal grains. As we only use the stalk of the plant with no seeds, our straws do not contain gluten so are save to use.


Residue free, Wheat drinking straws do not get soggy in liquid like cocktails, lemonades, juices and soft drinks like paper ones do.

100% biodegradable and sterilized without chemicals added.

Wheat Straws are fully grown in the nature. As they naturally develop a strong structure we do not need chemicals to make them stronger. After harvesting the straw straws, they are cut and cleaned. After sterilizing the straws are usable as drinking straw. In the whole process are no chemicals added.


As our Wheat Straws are 100% natural, they are compostable. They are made to end up in the environment because they serve as nutrients for our soil.


Our Wheat Straws are coming from farmers and producers with a BSCI certificate. This means that the working environments and wages are honest and according to international standards.  

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